Handicapping and Course Rating

There is a lot of confusion and often nastiness about scores submitted during competitions.

Our course is rated as 65 strokes, mainly due to its length. Although only a handful of players beat their handicap here, points scored in individual events often top 40.

Here is the reason: Take the example of a 12 handicap player coming in on with 41 points. He is dubbed as a “ringer”. In effect, he has had a decent round, shooting a 77 gross, which is 7 over par and 5 better on Stableford points. His score is entered into the handicap system and his handicap will thus remain unchanged. Why, one may well ask. The reason for this is simple. The player scores 41 points, which is 5 better than the 36 which is “par for the course”. Because the course rating is 65 and his 77 minus the course rating is 12 over par, he has played exactly to his handicap.

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