Summary of New Golf Rules from 1 January 2019 - 2019-01-08

More certain is the fact that all golfers should download the apps available from the R&A and US Golf Association to equip us for the new golfing landscape in 2019. In the meantime, here is a top 10 of the main changes: 1. Penalty and free drops to be made from knee rather than shoulder height. 2. Only three minutes rather than five al... more

2017 Winter Championships Results - 2017-09-26

2017 Winter Championships - 16 & 17 September 2017 36 Hole winner - Cobus Weber - 165 o   36 Hole Nett winner - Fanie Herbst - 138 o   C Div winner - David Baker - 80 points o   Ladies winner - Saskia Baker - 71 points ... more

2017 Club Championships Results - 2017-07-14

Champion of Champions:   A  Division:                Reinier du Preez   B  Division:                Neels Vermaak   C  Division:           &nb... more

Sanlam Cancer Challenge Results - 27 May 2017 - 2017-06-02

Hillside Golf Club once again hosted this very worthwhile charity event. The results are as follows: A Division - Shaun van Dyk - 33 points B Division - Neels Vermaak - 44 points C Division - David Frost - 37 Points Ladies C Division - Katrien Neethling Thank you for your generous support. ... more

Winter / Spring Championships on 17 & 18 September 2016 - 2016-09-19

Saturday was extremely windy but despite this there were some excellent scores. David Frost took the honours with an incredible 53 points. Charl Botes led the B Division with a commendable 64 nett. The A Division was closely contended, with Sean van Dyk taking the lead on 72 gross. Sunday, the weather deteriorated with intermittent rain... more

Results of Club Championships 11 & 12 June 2016 - 2016-06-14

Club Champion Winner - Cobus Weber   B Division  Winner - Neels Vermaak   C Division Winner - David Frost   Ladies Winner - Saskia Baker   Many thanks to all who participated. ... more

Car Park Security, Car Washing and Air-con re-gassing - 2016-04-13

Car Park Security   A parking fee of R10 per car to cover a guard whilst any car is parked in the car park. T's & C's apply. R200 per annum gives you a disc for unlimited parking. FREE unsupervised parking is available on lower car park. FIRST 1 hour parking will not be charged for (for those using ranges, colle... more

Golf Club Repairs - 2015-08-19

We repair any make of club. Reshafts, Regrips, Shortening or Lengthening. Rechroming - Reconditioning of Irons & Woods. Best Service at the Best Price. Can be collected in Pretoria or Johannesburg. No job too small or too big :) Contact Roger on 082 053 2707 or please leave contact details for Roger to contact you. ... more

A tribute to Bobby Locke - 2014-10-02

Paging through a 1987 SA Golf magazine, I came across a tribute to the great Bobby Locke, who won 23 National Open Trophies including the SA Open 8 times, The Open championship 4 times, the French and Eqyptian Open twice each. His other wins were the New Zealand, Irish, Dutch, Mexican, Swiss and German Opens. The most remarkable thing about Bobb... more

Handicapping and Course Rating - 2014-09-11

There is a lot of confusion and often nastiness about scores submitted during competitions. Our course is rated as 65 strokes, mainly due to its length. Although only a handful of players beat their handicap here, points scored in individual events often top 40. Here is the reason: Take the example of a 12 handicap player coming in on with 41... more

Arnold Palmer - 2014-09-11

My whole career, I never missed a tee time. Not once, which I suppose is saying a lot for a career that’s spanned 60 years and thousands of rounds of golf. Now for many years I’ve had a recurring dream that I miss my tee time. In the dream there’s no consequence because I wake up abruptly. You can’t imagine the relief, re... more

Mountain Bike Trail - 2014-08-22

We have established a 20km bike trail. There are 4 loops of 5 kms well demarcated in a safe fenced off property. Any combination of laps can be ridden at a cost of R25 per day. Family orientated entertainment is essential, so we are planning to add a kiddies playground area so that parents can come out and hit a bucket of balls or have a bike ri... more

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